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We turn your words into beautiful infographics, lead magnets,

webinar decks, eBooks, worksheets and more for one flat-rate.


How It Works

Send Your Written Content


Send us any written content, outlines, transcripts or notes you’d like transformed.

Choose Your Content


Tell us what type of content you need. (Infographic, eBook, checklist, worksheets, etc.)

Unlimited Requests & Revisions


We’ll create as much content as you need and make revisions until you’re satisfied.

Reach More People, Spend Less

Time & Money Creating Content


Content Giraffe is specifically for professional bloggers and content creators who want to get the most out of everything they publish.


Our mission is to design beautiful content that helps you reach a wider audience and turn more casual readers into raving fans.


Whether it’s increasing conversions with lead magnets, attracting backlinks and re-pins with infographics, increasing student success with course worksheets, designing an engaging webinar deck, even turning podcast or video transcripts into beautiful downloadable PDF summaries, we’ve got you covered.

“If you care about branding and how the market is going to perceive you then you need a professional in your corner. I can’t recommend Brian highly enough.”

Charles Byrd

Founder, Byrd Word

Unlimited | On-Demand | Flat-Rate

We are currently in beta with a limited number of openings.

What You Get
14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Requests & Revisions
Unlimited Brands & Styles
Dedicated Project Manager
Professional Designer
Free Stock Photos & Visuals
No Contract
Pre-Launch “Beta” Pricing

Per User / Per Month

Launch Pricing

Per User / Per Month

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How Content Giraffe Benefits You

Increased Reach


Repurposing your content into new formats helps you reach new platforms and  people and increases shares, backlinks and traffic.

Increased Conversions


Increase opt-in rates with downloadable incentives and generate more sales with visually engaging content.

Save Time & Resources


Get more out of everything you create without hiring virtual assistants or freelances when you need professional content.


“As an editor, I’m pitched dozens of infographics every week — and many of them are admittedly a little underwhelming. That’s never the case with Brian’s work. He’s truly skilled in creating streamlined content that are both visually interesting and informative. He just gets it.”

Carly Stec

Editor, Hubspot


“Brian is not only a great marketer, he has a creative mind too. He knows the ins and outs of designing content, how to tell a great story, and present it professionally. His content is absolutely spot on.”

Ehsan Jahandarpour

Forbes Top 20 Growth Hacker


“We continue to lean on Brian Downard’s expertise as one of the few in the industry who is able to research, design, and execute brilliant content.”

Douglas Karr

CEO, DK New Media


“Crappy content just throws a bunch of text and pictures into an incoherent file. Good content use the visual medium to communicate ideas effectively. Brian knows the difference between the two.”

Visakan Veerasamy

Marketing Manager, ReferralCandy


“When Brian and I collaborated on an infographic, he said I didn’t need to worry about the infographic layout or design – he would look after that process. He was NOT fooling around! The end result – a beautiful, highly shareable piece that delivered our message concisely and effectively.”

Sam Hurley

Founder, Optim-Eyez


“Brian knows how to create the type of content you would come to expect from a quality design agency.”

Leonard Kim

Publisher, Inc. Magazine

Is it really unlimited?


Absolutely! We take each request you have and put them in a queue and then knock them out one at a time.


How long does it take to create my content?


That depends on the complexity of your request and the number of revisions you want. We’ll do our best to set realistic expectations for completion dates with you. Our team works Monday – Friday on your requests and revisions. (Simple projects should take less than 48 hours, while complex content like infographics may take up to 7 days. Revisions take roughly 24 hours but in most cases it will take less time.)


How complex can we get?


Our goal is both quantity and quality, but if you need us to spend a little more time on a specific project for you so it’s exactly how you want, we’ll keep working on it until you’re happy. Keep in mind, we can only tackle one project at a time.


Do you write content for me?


No, we take your pre-written content (in any form) then turn that into “premium” content like infographics, eBooks, checklists and more per your request.


What if my brand has a specific style?


We are super flexible. Just share your logo, website, branding, examples, etc. with us so we can get a feel for your unique style and then apply that across all of the content we create for you.


Why is the price discounted right now?


This service is still in “beta” so while we test how much time is realistically needed to create different types of content for you, we’re offering a life-time discount to try this new done-for-you service.


What if I’m not happy or no longer need your service?


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee so you can try us out with zero risk. There are no long-term contracts and you’re free to cancel at any time.


Why is there a limited number of spots?


While we’re figuring out how to best serve our customers with this new service and hire Account Managers, we’re only going to take on a limited number of people during the pre-launch. After the beta and launch, your monthly price will not increase.